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I've been toying with the idea of opening up the affiliates here to AU fic communities, or fic communities/journals in general. If you are interested, leave a comment with the username of your community/journal and make sure you link back to us.
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I decided to add five extra prompts to the prompt table page as either extra prompts (if you've finished your twenty and you want to write more) or replacement prompts if you find there's something you just can't write. Just put in the author's notes if it's a bonus prompt or a substitution prompt (and what you're substiting it for).

The new prompts are:

21 - Nonsense
22 - Deep Thoughts
23 - Games You Play
24 - Watch
25 - Children
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This is the place to ask questions! As they get asked the questions and answers will be listed here. If you want to affiliate, leave a comment with "affiliate" in the subject.


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When you finish, comment here and I will give you a banner, and your accomplisment will be listed here for everyone to see.

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Claim Drop

May. 10th, 2007 07:23 pm
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If you need to drop a claim just comment here with your username and what AU you have. If you want to reclaim it later your tag will still be available but you'll have to start your prompt table over.
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Welcome to [livejournal.com profile] au_developments! Please choose the form that best fits your AU, and comment with it here. When approved, your claim will be added and a tag will be made for you. If you are one of multiple authors for an AU, only 2 authors may have the same claim at the same time.

For AUs Without Original Characters
(generally, AUs set in an established fandom or fandoms in which there are no created characters)

For AUs With Original Characters
(if you created any major characters for your AU, this is the form you would use)

For Original AUs
(nothing canon...it's all yours, but it's related to a fandom or another AU)

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